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joe rogan petition (i will salute and polish your boots Sir if you do this)


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Get out my face bro

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Ay yai cappy

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Joe rogan my dude you gotta get my dude Sam on, he’s gonna give your show that pump it needs, it’s gonna breathe new life into your dying, platform, which is also gay now:(. Do this for America, do this for heterosexual Americans that keep this country going

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yes sir. smoothies on the ridge. rip friendly dad

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I don't understand NFTs

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Oops already signed it

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Callous Malignancy

Sam I am 5 foot 5, on heroin and ready to rumble, DM me for street address, your ass is GRASS

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I got you Sammy boy. PGL with nick is gold. Please start making sketches with him again

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Don't force shit like this. If he wants to have you on, he'll have you on? You know how gay you look if you start a petition just to get on a show?

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Better idea, hire a look a like and never break character

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Velin Yordanov

Wow Joe Rogan is such a tool, he probably won't understand what Sammy is all about. Mr. Hyde has to direct the whole conversation.

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omfg lmao. I know it wont happen... but it would be amazing if it did happen.

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Once you get on Rogan, see if you can't talk your way into getting invited back but with Nick and Julian as guests.

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Crypto Drip


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Damn dude, I gotta sign up for this shit?

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whats the email to send in advice

P Diddy..... did it

Fishtank Finale starting NOW...

merch (Cash Star) update for yall

its coffee you schizophrenic idiot

hurting way too much

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